Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My mom and I were talking this week and she reminded me of something R. says that she's adopted. I'm pretty sure he picked this slogan/question somewhere - "Are you trading what you really want for what you can have now?"

Things have picked up on the job search front which is exciting and presents options where previously there was a lot of sending resumes and cover letters into the black hole of various human resource departments. I had a phone interview this morning! Relieved to know that several months after being laid off I can still speak coherently and sell the skills I've developed over the years. 3 part-time job openings on the horizon and 1 full time possibility. The jobs aren't mine for the taking, but people are talking to me and letting me know these openings are coming down the pike. One is particularly attractive, but would probably present a real road block along the school path. Attending and paying for school would be difficult. So as I was talking to my mom she reminded me of what R said that my mom latched on to, it's a good one. So I'm sitting with what do I really want and developing a strategy for keeping first things first.

And then my mom told me she's giving up purchasing things for Lent and she's committed to getting rid of 40 things.

Love that.



  1. Love that too. I'll have to remember that one.

    And that's such a wise way of walking the walk....keeping your eyes on what is most important to your becoming, your growth, who you want to be in the world. What carries you in THAT direction....yes yes yes. Good for all of us to remember and ponder and discern.

  2. Your Mom getting rid of things?! Change is afoot. Can't wait to hear about your job offers tomorrow...